Large connections

Large connection(s) over 300kVA

Find out how to apply, what you need to know before applying and how we can help below.

Once you have applied, received and accepted your quotation and made a payment, we will contact you to discuss the next steps. For low voltage works this may be to arrange a site visit or confirm whether your site is ready for the connection. For high voltage or extra high voltage works, we will contact you to discuss preparation work required before we can arrange a pre-site or start date and any aspects of the work that may impact on timescales (i.e. highways, planning permissions, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), traffic management, land consents etc.).

All schemes will have a dedicated project manager for our connection works.They will discuss any queries you may have, agree a programme of works with you and guide you through the work you need to do to ensure your site is ready ahead of our works starting on site.

Not sure where to connect, or want to find out more about the process and what to expect? Email our team today. 

Apply online

Fill in our online application form for single connections over 300kVA

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Download a PDF application form

Don't want to apply online? Download our PDF application form here

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Apply using Energy Networks Association form

Working across different areas and different distribution network areas? You may find it easier to download and complete the Energy Networks Association (ENA) form.

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Quotation options

Looking for a quick estimate of costs, a technical or financial feasibility check or a comprehensive connection offer you can progress with? We have a range of quotation options. Find the right quotation for you

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Take a look at our Guaranteed Standards of Performance for your quotation and connection (from your site being ready to work on)

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How do I pay?

Download our payment guidance for more information

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Metering guide

We do not install meters as part of our works. if your commercial connection requires meters please contact your supplier.

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