Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are classed as a low carbon technology and can help the UK meet its carbon emission ambition and soon will be able to support the management of the electricity network.

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As heat pumps and other low carbon technologies will cause a rise in the demand for electricity on our network, we are committed to investing the right amount in the right places to continue to provide you a secure electricity supply. We are also committed to provide you with expertise and guidance to empower individual customers, businesses, local communities and the public sector to embrace a low carbon future.

If you're considering installing a heat pump, make sure you use a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installer and get a properly accredited professional to complete the work. MCS certifies products and installation companies to help ensure they are installed to a high standard.

You will also need to provide an MCS certificate number to apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive, to confirm that your heating system has been installed in line with the MCS installation standards. You can find a list of certified installers and products on the MCS website.

Need to install a heat pump? Here’s what you should do: 

Contact an accredited heat pump installer to confirm whether your electricity supply is adequate to support the heat pump.

  1. Contact an accredited heat pump installer to confirm whether your electricity supply is adequate to support the heat pump.
  2. Provided there is no problem with your electricity supply, your installer should refer to this process flow chart to determine whether you need to 'apply to connect' by completing this form and emailing to domesticlct@enwl.co.uk., or 'connect and notify' by completing this form and emailing it to domesticlct@enwl.co.uk.

For 'apply to connect'

  1. We will carry out an assessment and confirm if there are any network restrictions.
  2. We will either send an approval to connect or a quote to upgrade the network. For most domestic customers, there will be no charge for your connection, but for larger heat pumps we may need to upgrade your supply which could incur a cost.
  3. Once you have installed your heat pump, your installer should notify Electricity North West.

For ‘connect and notify’

      3. Provided there are no issues identified; we will record your installation on our records.

Still not sure which email address to send your completed form to? 

Use the below questions to help identify whether you need to Connect and Notify or Apply to Connect:

  • Is the heat pump under a single controller? 
  • Will the total electrical energy utilised within the property, including the heat pump, exceed 13.8kW / 60 amps per phase? Applicable only to properties with Whole Current (WC) metering.
  • Is the total heat pump Alternating Current (AC) input greater than 32 amps / 7.36kW?
  • Is the heat pump listed on the Energy Networks Association online register?
  • Is the heat pump classed as ‘Connect and Notify’?


Connect & notify

Once you have reviewed the process flow chart, notify us by completing this ENA form and email it G98Notifications@enwl.co.uk

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Apply to connect

Once you have reviewed the process flow chart, complete this ENA form and email it to domesticlct@enwl.co.uk

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Process flow chart

This process flow chart will help you determine when you need to notify us about your installation and when you will need to make a new application

Process flow

A guide to heat pumps

Find out more about heat pumps including energy efficiency, running costs and different types of heat pumps available

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                                                                                                                                                            Why we need to know if you are installing a heat pump

Heat pumps can use as much electricity as a domestic power shower, but for much longer, which can have a significant impact on demand for electricity on that part of the network.

It’s therefore important that we’re told about any new heat pumps so that we can monitor supply and demand on the region’s electricity network, and ensure all our customers continue to receive a secure power supply.


                       Heat pump and EV policy webinar with ENWL Planning Policy Manager, Peter Twomey


Connecting your energy asset(s)

See guidance for device owners and installation contractors from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy if you are registering energy devices in homes or small businesses.

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Visit our Connections contacts page for queries relating to connections, generation, disconnections and diversions.

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