Generation up to 50kW

Generation connections up to 50kW

Find out more about the connections process for generation exporting up to 50kW.



Once you apply, we will acknowledge receipt, register your application and allocate it to one of our design engineers. Our design engineers will carry out a network study to find a suitable point of connection. These studies will highlight if the network can support your connection, or if reinforcement and diversion works are needed.

Depending on the area and loading of the network, a connection which may initially be classed as Low Voltage (LV) may impact our network further upstream. In these cases, your project would be re-classified as a High Voltage (HV) study. We assign different timescales for LV and HV studies.

As our quotation options range from detailed and accurate quotations through to high level indicators of cost, the level of information we need to complete your quotation will vary.

Before you apply by post or email, please view our online checklist to ensure you have all the required information to apply. If you already have generation at your site, check your total capacity (including new and existing generation). For installations less than 50kW please complete an A1-1 Form, available for download below.


If you want to progress with your quotation, you will need to complete and return the acceptance form (sent with the quotation) and pay. We will then contact you to discuss the next steps including: legal consents, road closure lead times and further network checks. For more information read our Business Connections Post Acceptance Pack which summarises the information you may need to provide for your project and what you can expect following acceptance.

Land consents

You will need to check if your connection requires legal consents and make sure that you have these in place, before work starts on site. Legal consents generally take a minimum of 12 weeks to complete and can be prolonged depending upon the grantor. We are unable to energise your connection until full consents are granted. For further information please see our legal consents information and process flow charts.


We will endeavour to project manage the construction work to deliver the project in line with your preferred connection date. If necessary we will liaise with the Highways Authority and relevant landowners, to ensure that we can carry out the work as quickly as possible for you. To set up your supply, you need to choose an electricity supplier who will then install your meter and apply for a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). Following installation, the new assets must be tested and commissioned. The process can differ between LV and HV metered connections and you will need to complete a A3-1 form and also an A2-1 or A2-2 or A2-3 form, if your generators are not type tested. For more information regarding this, please see our G99 Page.

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You can download a copy of G99 Form A1-1 below. Please return completed forms to

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Not sure where to connect?

Depending on where you want to connect, the network may not be able to support the connection you want. If so, you will need to pay for network reinforcement or choose a managed connection. If you're not sure contact us before you apply.

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Application Guide

If you are in the process of making an application, we recommend that you read this guide carefully to make sure you understand the information you need to provide with the application.

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