Generation and storage

Generation and storage

We provide a range of generation connections for solar panels and wind turbines, including energy storage. From small domestic-sized installations to large business and industrial scale generation projects.

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G98 Micro-Generation and storage connections

Connecting generation, including energy storage at 16 amps or less per phase, for a single or multiple premises.

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Connections up to 50kW

Connecting generation, including energy storage that will export up to 50kW.

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Connections 50kW and above

Connecting generation, including energy storage that will export at 50kW and above.

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Flexible connections

Flexible connections allow you to benefit from avoiding reinforcement costs and associated timescales for traditional network reinforcement.

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Engineering recommendation G99

Engineering recommendation G99 covers the requirements for the connection of generation equipment to the distribution networks and is a legal requirement for certain generators connecting on or after 27 April 2019.

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Frequently asked questions

Connecting your energy asset or assets

See guidance for device owners and installation contractors from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy if you are registering energy devices in homes or small businesses.

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Visit our Connections contact page for queries relating to connections, generation, disconnections and diversions.

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