Common Charging Methodology

Common Connection Charging Methodology

Read through our Common Connection Charging Methodology which describes how we develop our costs for connections.

Connection Charging Methodology, approved by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority ("the Authority"), and a Connection Charging Statement, the form of which has been approved by the Authority, explains the options available and process to be followed for obtaining a connection. 

The Connection Charging Statement provides the basis of charges for the provision of a connection whilst the Connection Charging Methodology describes the methodology under which customers will be charged for a connection to the distribution system belonging to Electricity North West Limited ("the Company‚Äü). We are a Licensed Distribution Network Operator (LDNO).

This document has been prepared by us in accordance with the requirements of our Licence issued under the Electricity Act 1989 (as amended) ("the Act").

A fee of £10 (plus VAT) will be payable at the company's discretion for each hard copy of this document which is provided in accordance with a request. To request a hard copy please email

Archived Common Charging Methdology statements

Take a look at our archived Statements of Methodology and Connection charges.

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