Network Innovation Allowance

Network Innovation Allowance

As part of the Revenue Incentives Innovation Outputs (RIIO) price controls our industry regulator, Ofgem, has introduced the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA). Each RIIO network licensee receives the NIA as part of their price control allowance.

ENA's annual innovation summary

The energy networks and underlying infrastructure are critical enablers in Great Britain’s decarbonisation journey to delivering a successful and rapid net zero future. In service of these decarbonisation goals, the networks invest millions of pounds each year into innovative projects to develop a greener, more reliable, efficient and accessible energy system of the future. This report reflects on the progress networks have made in FY23, with a specific focus on RIIO-2 funded innovation.

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NIA replaces the First Tier of the Low Carbon Networks Fund. Find out more about how our innovation projects are funded.

Please use the links below for details of our NIA funded projects.

NIA reports and literature

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