Smart Street IRM

Introducing our Smart Street IRM project

After the success of the Smart Street trials, which investigated innovative voltage control techniques, we have started an initial, targeted rollout of the Smart Street system to 180 sites on our network.

The four-year Smart Street trials, funded through the Low Carbon Networks Fund, proved that by using the Smart Street system we can facilitate connection of Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) and reduce energy consumption, and therefore energy bills, without impacting power quality.

In October 2019 Ofgem backed an initial rollout of our award-winning Smart Street system by granting an £18 million adjustment to our allowance under the Innovation Rollout Mechanism (IRM). The purpose of this mechanism is to facilitate the rollout of proven innovation within ED1, in advance of the next price control, in cases where it will provide long-term value for money to customers. We plan to undertake a larger BAU rollout in ED2, but beginning a targeted rollout in ED1 means that customers who will benefit the most can start receiving these benefits now.

Smart Street trials

Learn more about our Smart Street LCNF project, which trialled the innovative voltage control techniques used in our IRM-funded rollout.

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What is Smart Street IRM?

More information about the Smart Street IRM and what it will deliver.

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Smart Street IRM library

Complete list of project documents and other literature.

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Smart Street IRM videos

Project update videos and animations.

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