Electric mini diggers

Electric mini diggers

Electric mini diggers drive a 70% reduction in service costs.

In 2019 Electricity North West became the region’s first company to purchase two state-of-the-art electric mini diggers.

The first models to go into full production in the construction industry, the new JCB mini diggers are fully electric and have zero exhaust emissions. 

Each vehicle will reduce our carbon emissions by 64 tonnes CO₂ equivalent (tCO₂e) a year which is valued at £32,090 using the BEIS value of CO₂ equivalent.

We were so satisfied with the performance of the mini diggers, we bought two more.

As well as the environmental advantages associated with reduced carbon emissions, the electric diggers bring other benefits. They're five times quieter than traditional diesel vehicles which reduces noise disturbance for customers and allows for better communication between our engineers; this is safer for them and the public. 

The diggers are more expensive than their traditional counterparts, but electricity running costs are significantly lower, compared to diesel costs. Servicing costs for the diggers are up to 70% lower and they can be fully charged in two hours making them ideal for our engineers who work 24 hours a day to maintain the electricity network.

The vehicles are charged at our depots using electricity generated from renewable sources. 

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