Distribution System Operation

Distribution System Operation

As the North West network operator, it is essential that we facilitate the decarbonisation of transport, heat and our energy system, with minimal increases to customer bills while maintaining high levels of network reliability. Distribution system operation (DSO) refers to the systems and processes needed to operate energy networks in the net zero carbon future. Join our mailing list to keep up to date on the latest news and events.

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Distribution System Operation (DSO) is key to Net Zero. We're planning for the future to meet the needs of our customers by forecasting demand and generation usage, we're able to identify where flexible services can help and understand where reinforcement is needed.  We're continually sharing this data to support your decision-making.

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Meet Cara Blockley, our Head of Distribution System Operations

Cara has been a valuable member of Electricity North West since 2008. In her role, Cara is responsible for overseeing the network capacity investment programme, regional flexible services, and Distribution System Operation processes. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient transition to Distribution System Operation.

Cara is driven by a strong commitment to delivering exceptional performance that exceeds stakeholders' expectations. Her primary focus is to understand the wants and needs of stakeholders and align them with the company's objectives. By doing so, she aims to improve business processes and enhance the visibility of data, enabling Electricity North West to make informed decisions and optimise its operations.


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The teams behind Distribution System Operation

Headshot of Christos Kaloudas

Christos Kaloudas

Capacity Strategy Lead manager

Headshot of Lois Clark

Lois Clark

DSO Commercial Strategy Manager

Headshot of Simon Brooke

Simon Brooke

DSO Compliance & Reporting Manager

Headshot of Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor

Head of customer engagement

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