Digital service catalogue

Digital services catalogue

Welcome to Electricity North West's digital services catalogue

Please find below the list our digital services. 

Power Cuts

We’re here to help you during a power cut.

Flexible services

As we aim to meet our net zero amibitions, one of the ways in which we can facilitate the extra demand associated with the transition to net zero whilst utilising our existing network is through the procurement of Flexible Services.

Extra Care

If you require extra care, extra support, extra help, here are some of the digital services we offer to help provide additional support

Get connected

There are a range of connection types we offer, see below our digital services that can help provide support and guidance for your connections.

Open data services

Providing stakeholders with all the information they require to make educated and informed decisions on how they interact with our network. You will find a range of digital services below which help provide the necessary information.


Search current opportunities at Electricity North West.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is at the heart of Electricity North West. From developing our long-term strategy, to enhancing our day-to-day processes. We know that engaging with our stakeholders will deliver better long-term outcomes for us and our region.

Our digitalisation strategy

To read more about our digital strategy action plan.

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Our data portal

Wanting to know more on our data portal.

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