Flexible services

Flexible services

Could you receive payment for generating electricity or reducing your consumption?

Flexibility map

Our flexibility map highlights the locations within our distribution area where we are currently seeking Flexible Services, and also indicates where we may have a requirement in the future.

The icons next to each location name relate to the response type that we are looking for - either Restore, Sustain or Continuous. Next to the map you'll find a description of each of these, and below you can view the characteristics of each type in further detail.

 Areas in blue are locations in which we are currently seeking flexible services. You can find out more about each requirement by following the links below.
 Areas in grey are sites that may potentially require flexible services in the future, however these are not guaranteed and will be subject to future capacity reviews.


Provide an immediate response following an unplanned network event.



Flex your supply up or down at peak times to help manage network constraints.



Fulfill a continuous capacity requirement.






When to act Post fault Pre fault Pre fault
Trigger Network abnormality Asset loading Constant
Certainty of utilisation Uncertain Uncertain Certain
Risk to network assets High Medium Low
Frequency of use                  Low                                        Medium                               High                                

Current request for proposals

October 2019

We're currently seeking flexible services for Bolton by Bowland, Coniston and Easton.

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