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Introducing our Celsius project

Our pioneering Celsius project successfully demonstrated how ‘thermal monitoring’ and retrofit cooling technologies can reduce costs for customers and prepare our network for renewable energy.

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The first solution of its kind in Great Britain, the £5.5 million Celsius project trialled thermal monitoring at 520 substations across the North West, and installed a range of retrofit cooling technologies at 100 of the trial sites.

Usually the amount of power we transmit through a transformer is limited by its manufacturer’s rating which protects it from overheating. But the Celsius project has proved that by simply installing thermal monitoring, we are able to better understand the temperature of a transformer and release more capacity.

In addition we trialled a range of retrofit cooling technologies, such as improved ventilation, heat extraction fans and alternative kinds of backfill material for underground cables, which help to cool down equipment in substations, and release even more capacity.

Both techniques reduce long-term costs for customers, avoid early asset replacement and prepare our network for renewable energy.

If rolled out across our network, Celsius technologies could save customers £31 million over the next 30 years, and £399 million if rolled out across Britain.

What is Celsius?

More information about the Celsius project and what it has delivered.

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Celsius trials

The two stage Celsius approach - thermal monitoring and retrofit cooling.

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Celsius library

Complete list of project reports and other literature.

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Celsius videos

Explanatory animated video and recordings from our webinars.

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Celsius project partners

Meet the partners and key suppliers who helped us to deliver the Celsius project.

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What we have learned

A summary of the project’s key subject areas and associated reports.

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