Tents and caravans

Tents and caravans

Accidents can happen when you are pitching your tent or moving metal tent poles alongside overhead power lines.

Camping and caravan sites

Never enter electrical substations located at camping and caravan sites.

Tell the site manager or owner of any dangerous electrical hazard you come across.


Pitching safely

On unmanaged sites, remember to keep a distance of at least six metres horizontally between where you pitch and overhead electric power lines and remember the following:

  • tent and awning poles made of metal, carbon fibre or similar materials will conduct electricity, especially when wet
  • at higher voltages, electricity may jump short distances through the air.


Electrical safety signs

  • look out for overhead power line warning notices and signs prohibiting camping in certain areas of the site
  • power lines normally have yellow notices fitted to the poles
  • stay away from anything which looks as though it may be electrical.


Emergency electricity situations

In an emergency situation, do not attempt to move camping equipment or a person if they are still in contact with a power line and prevent third parties from enetering an incident area.


If in doubt, always contact your local electricity provider's emergency service so that the line can be made safe.

If you are in the North West, contact us immediately on 0800 195 4141.


Precautions for site managers

As an owner or operator you have legal duties to ensure the safety of campers using your site.

You can fulfil your duties by:

Do not put yourself in any situation in which you may be in danger yourself. If in doubt, contact us.

For more information and advice on avoiding electricity danger when camping, download our information leaflet below. 


Download camping-and-caravaning-safety-guide.pdf