Line search before you dig

Line search before you dig

If you are planning any building work or developments, then you will need to know about the location of our cables, overhead lines or any other electrical equipment located near to where you will be working.

BeforeUDig allows you to request copies of our electricity network plans online and receive them by email from our geographic information system. This means you will have access to our information, 24 hours a day. 

Don't take chances- please contact us before you start working

Our internet based plan request service allows you to request and receive plans of our electricity assets free of charge for:

  • customers undertaking work in their own properties
  • utility companies and contractors working on their behalf
  • local authorities and contractors working on their behalf
  • Lloyd’s registered Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) and contractors working on their behalf.

 Charges will apply for commercial organisations such as:

  • solicitors
  • architects
  • developers
  • consultants
  • conveyancers
  • search companies.

 A number of different payment options are available:


Download payment-options.pdf


Visit LinesearchbeforeUdig for more information.

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Underground cables

Check the location of underground cables before you dig.

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