Responsible Business

Empowering positive change

Our commitment to responsible business practices lies central to our operations, driving positive change across social, economic, and environmental areas.

The framework has been developed to ensure that we consider a responsible approach towards everything we do. Our focus ecompasses our people, customers, communities, environment and how we work (corporate governance).

Responsible business isn't just part of our regulated operations - it forms the foundation of our licence to operate, aiming to minimise negative impacts and maximise positive outcomes. It’s not just an initiative, it's who we are, it’s how we operate and everyone across our business contributes and benefits.

The new framework has a key focus on ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting and aligns our efforts and goals to the United Nations sustainable development goals. Read more about how we are empowering change by clicking on each focus area below;



Responsible business report

Our responsible business report provides an overview of our efforts, initiatives, and performance in our core focus areas, along with links to more detailed reports for further information.

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