Green recovery

Green recovery

Electricity North West is bringing forward more than £20 million of investment to provide immediate support for projects which will drive a green recovery from Covid-19.

The investment is part of Ofgem’s Green Recovery scheme, launched to kick start the recovery by speeding up the delivery of shovel-ready projects.


We first announced we had identified a number of possible projects in February, when we launched a public consultation to help it prioritise £15m of investments across the region.


Following that consultation, we have now brought forward a further £5m in investment so that we can deliver a total of 11 projects, all geared to helping the region hit its net zero carbon targets. 


See below the full list of projects.

Green recovery projects

Learn more about the potential projects below then send us your views on which we should shortlist to along with any additional projects you think we should consider. Thank you.

Press release

Read our press release for more details.

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Available network capacity

You can find more information about network capacity in our Long Term Development Statement.

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Heat map

View areas of network availability on our heat map tool which includes available capacity for generation connections.


Embedded Capacity Register

Our Embedded Capacity Register lists generation, storage resources and flexible providers (≥1MW) that are connected, or accepted to connect, to our distribution network.

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