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  • Respond is a £5.5 million project funded by Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund which will deliver an intelligent approach to managing fault current.

    As our customers move to a low carbon future, demand for electricity is set to grow which will also increase fault level on our network. When fault level rises higher than the rating of our equipment, traditionally we have to replace the equipment with a higher rated equivalent. Respond is a revolutionary solution to that problem and will bring significant savings for our customers and business. Running from January 2015 until October 2018, the project will maximise the use of our existing assets by releasing network capacity, allowing quick and lower cost connection for customers’ demand, enabling DNOs to support the UK’s decarbonisation strategy.

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  • As we face the challenge of making the transition to a low carbon future and meeting government carbon reduction targets, demand for electricity in Great Britain is set to rise significantly. This will present new challenges to electricity distribution network operators like Electricity North West who will need to invest heavily in new network infrastructure to meet this increased demand. This would be a massively disruptive programme of work and could mean much higher bills for customers.

    To minimise potential cost, disruption and carbon emissions, we need to develop smarter and more flexible ways of managing electricity networks.

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  • Respond utilises an intelligent Fault Level Assessment Tool from which a range of innovative fault level mitigation techniques can be adaptively controlled. Respond will actively monitor demand and generation on the network, continually assess the fault level and automatically enable one of three innovative techniques when necessary. This is the first time that fault level will be actively managed on 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV networks.

    Combining existing assets and innovative solutions in this way will accelerate the uptake of low carbon demand and renewable generation, avoid the need to replace expensive switchgear and cables prematurely and deliver savings to all distribution network customers.

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Latest updates

Successful trial of adaptive protection

Since the Respond trials went live we have monitored three successful operations of the adaptive protection technique. The post fault analysis reports are available on our key documents page.

First project learning events

To share our findings from the Respond project with our industry stakeholders we hold regular learning events such as conferences and webinars. You can see the slides from our recent events here.

An Introduction to Respond

Find out more about Respond by watching our animated video.