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Planned or unplanned?

Planned power outages

Your electricity supply may sometimes be temporarily interrupted so that we can carry out essential maintenance on the network safely, make improvements and reduce the chance of unplanned power cuts.

We will notify you about planned interruptions to your electricity supply by letter at least two days in advance (and up to 2 weeks in advance if possible) with advice on what to do.

If we've sent you a letter about a planned interruption in your area and you'd like some more information, please call the number in the letter, or if you if you are deaf or your hearing is impaired then you can use a minicom by dialling 0800 458 9767.

Unplanned power cuts

Sometimes the cause of a power cut is outside our control (for example, lightning may strike our electricity network) so we will not be able to give you warning. We will always try to restore your supply as soon as possible.

If you have medical support equipment that relies on power, then we advise you to:

  • plan another source of power in advance in case power is cut off unexpectedly
  • make arrangements with your local hospital or GP for alternative medical care if needed.

1. Check your trip switch by:

  • turning it on and off and back on again. If your power remains off, there may be a fault with a household appliance or wiring.
  • unplugging all appliances and try turning the switch back on again. If it moves back to the off position, your internal wiring may need to be checked by a qualified electrician.
  • If the trip switch remains on, plug in and switch on your appliances one at a time. If the trip switch activates again with a particular appliance, then the appliance is probably faulty.

2. Check to see if any of your neighbours have lost their supply.

3. If your trip switch has not operated and your neighbours also have no power, there may be a problem with the electricity supply in your area. Contact us on 0800 195 4141 to report the problem.

4. Keep a battery powered torch handy.

5. If you have a battery-operated radio, listen to the local radio station as we will keep them (and your electricity supplier) informed of electricity supply problems especially during times of severe weather.

Need further support?

We appreciate that some customers have additional requirements and may have circumstances where a priority service is needed for a variety of reasons.

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Knowledge centre

Find answers to questions about Electricity North West, including details on electricity connections, power cuts and general enquiries.

Check out frequently asked questions and our user guides.

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Major incident

Engineers are working to restore power to properties after severe flooding in Lancashire and Rochdale.

We are doing everything we can to restore power and we'll update you regularly on our news section and TwitterFor emergencies, please call us on 0800 195 4141.