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Smart Street videos

Smart Street videos


Introduction to Smart Street

Video about Introduction to Smart Street (opens in popup)

Simple animation shows how Smart Street will regulate voltage to help networks and appliances work more efficiently, November 2013.


Smart Street introductory webinar

Video about Smart Street introductory webinar (opens in popup)

Our first project webinar provides an overview of the project, the technology and our approach to customer engagement, July 2014.


A day in the life of Smart Street

Video about A day in the life of Smart Street (opens in popup)

This animated video explains why we need the Smart Street project and looks at how Smart Street might work in our homes and businesses in the year 2035.


Smart Street update webinar

Video about Smart Street update webinar (opens in popup)

An update on our progress in the technical and customer workstreams of the project, April 2015.


Smart Street IET consultation

Video about Smart Street IET consultation (opens in popup)

Workshop held following a four-week consultation on the customer impact of Smart Street, November 2017.