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Celsius partners

Celsius partners

During the Celsius project we worked with a number of partners and key suppliers who are leading experts in their fields, either in research, technology or customer engagement.

The partners who worked on the project were Ricardo-AEA, Ash Wireless Electronics, Impact Research, UK Power Networks and the University of Southampton.

Ricardo Energy & Environment

Ricardo Energy & Environment is a technical consultancy organisation with experience in all aspects of power generation, transmission and distribution. They have been involved in the delivery of a number of innovation projects funded under Ofgem's Low Carbon Networks (LCN) Fund, Innovation Funding Incentive (IFI) and Network Innovation Allowance (NIA). Their experience includes collecting, analysing and interpreting network data and developing usable information, such as substation load and temperature data.

Role on project

Ricardo Energy & Environment were responsible for analysing trial data and developing a methodology to understand the relationship between asset temperature, load characteristics and surrounding environment. They determined the impact of the cooling technologies on the demonstration sites and developed a tool and specifications for a low cost temperature sensor. As part of the project closedown they provided recommendations for business as usual rollout including review and change proposals for engineering recommendations ER P15 and ER P17.

Ash Wireless Electronics

ASH is a creative electronics design consultancy. They are specialists in sensing technologies and have a track record in providing bespoke monitoring solutions to the utility industry. They have specific experience in providing sensor solutions for electricity substations, including asset surface and ambient temperature monitoring.

Role on project

ASH supplied a complete retrofit monitoring solution including thermal monitors and power monitoring for the Celsius project. They provided support throughout the installation, commissioning and operation of the retrofit thermal monitoring workstream. They also provided support for the project’s governance and knowledge dissemination.

Impact Research

Impact Research is a leading marketing and research organisation with extensive experience in customer engagement activities in the UK utilities industry. The company has successfully delivered research for a number of LCN Fund projects.

Role on project

Impact provided customer engagement and survey activities. Throughout the project the Impact team produced reports on customer experience of Celsius and provided learning and dissemination support.

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks is the electricity distribution network operator for London, the south east and east of England. The company has undertaken related or forerunner projects and is well placed to inform the scope and provide support to the project in an advisory capacity.

Role on project

UK Power Networks worked with Ricardo Energy & Environment and ourselves to develop the project’s site selection methodology, installation plan and a guide for a future retrofit thermal monitoring solution. They also provided support for the evaluation and selection of retrofit cooling techniques and for the project’s knowledge dissemination activities.

University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is an established specialist in electricity network engineering, particularly in the fields of electricity cables and transformer design.

Role on project

The university provided academic support for the project. They provided a peer review of the analysis methodology of the retrofit temperature sensor, and studied the impact of Celsius on the health of network assets.