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Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM 06-01)

Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM 06-01)

Our control operation maintenance agreements (COMA) can ensure you are fully compliant, equipment is safe and reliable with regular inspections and maintenance work to prevent possible failures.

Our guidance sets out the requirements, design applications, operation and maintenance of the electrical infrastructure within healthcare premises.

Guidance is for:

  • healthcare managers
  • electrical safety groups
  • design engineers
  • estate managers
  • operations managers
  • contractors
  • supply chain businesses

There are five basic elements to support operational and maintenance of electrical services at healthcare facilities 

  • planned preventative maintenance including visual inspection
  • service/test/ recorded information/ feedback
  • condition-based maintenance
  • visual inspection
  • response to failures

Our services

We can provide the following:

High Voltage switchgear and protection

  • Visual three monthly inspections
  • Partial discharge
  • Secondary injection testing
  • Routine maintenance
  • Response to failure 

Transformers and their enclosures

  • Annual inspection
  • Response to failure
  • Oil sampling
  • Transformer maintenance 

Grading and protection

  • High Voltage grading studies
  • Site loading studies
  • Protection setting
  • Earthing studies

 (To be reviewed when an appropriate opportunity arises or within a five-year period)

Low voltage switchgear and protection

  • Visual six monthly inspections
  • Routine maintenance on Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)
  • Modelled Case Circuit Breaker (MCCBs)
  • Fuse switches and isolators inspected and operated annually
  • Thermal imaging

*Based on recommendations found in section 17 of the HTM 06-01 document

You can view the full Healthcare Technical Memorandum document here.

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