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Energy saving solutions

We take a responsible and innovative approach to help customers save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

We are able to offer the latest type of low loss transformers to allow companies to take full advantage of reducing their site operating voltage together with the “core” and “on load” losses that will be achieved by installing a new transformer.

Voltage reduction does not produce energy savings with all types of electrical load. Equipment deemed to be “voltage independent” such as variable speed drives, high frequency lighting ballast and switch-mode power supplied would not typically be affected by voltage optimisation.

A new low loss transformer can offer significant benefits to companies looking to:

  • replace aging or obsolete equipment
  • drive down energy spend across a single of multiple sites
  • address environmental responsibilities i.e. improve your carbon footprint.

We can provide an assessment of your network and advise you on any potential savings that could be made by replacing your existing transformer with a new low loss equivalent.

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We help customers recognise their investment in their installed power generators by generating and saving energy in non-peak times and managing surplus supplies.

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