Extra support

Extra support

Electricity North West have launched our FREE online and telephone advice sessions during the Coronavirus pandemic. With more time spent at home we know that now, more than ever you need quality advice and support to reduce bills, keep your home warm and healthy, and find more ways to save money.

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We work with a number of partners to offer extra support to our customers. Find out about what we do to help you during a power cut.

Medically dependent

If you rely on electricity for medical reasons including MDE showering, we'll provide extra support during a power cut.

Chronic and serious illness

If you suffer from a serious illness, we can provide help and support to keep you comfortable during a power cut.

Poor mobility

If you have difficulty getting around, let us know. We'll support you if the power goes off.

Age related

If you or someone you care for has young children at home or is of pensionable age, we can support your individual needs.

Mental health care

If you or someone you care for requires mental healthcare, we can make sure you get the extra support you need.

Temporary support

We understand that there are times when you might need a little extra help for whatever reason. Our priority services register can provide the extra support you need.


If you have a reduced sense of smell, you are oxygen dependent or you may be at risk during a power cut for any other reason, register now so we can look after you.

Communication difficulties

Do you have difficulty communicating due to impaired hearing, vision or speech? We can provide support in a number of ways to suit your needs.