Respond partners

Respond partners

Throughout the Respond project we will work with a number of partners and key suppliers who are leading experts in their fields, either in research, technology or customer engagement.

The partners working on the project are ABB, The Association for Decentralised Energy, ENER-G, Impact Research, Kelvatek, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Schneider Electric and United Utilities.


ABB is a global engineering organisation specialising in power and automation technologies.

Role on project

ABB will supply, install and commission the IS-limiter. They will also provide ongoing support on protection settings and post fault analysis for two IS limiter installations and five sensing units recorded data.

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE)

The ADE plays a pivotal role in providing the focus for combined heat and power and district heating initiatives and is a trusted point of reference for government as a respected lobbying voice.

Role on project

The ADE’s role in the Respond project is to help develop and deliver our customer survey and to support project partner Impact Research in identifying potential participants for Fault Current Limiting (FCL) services.


ENER-G is a combined heat and power (CHP) manufacturer, owner and operator with active participation in trade industry bodies in an advisory capacity.

Role on project

ENER-G will help develop our customer survey and work with Parsons Brinckerhoff and ourselves to test Adaptive Protection on combined heat and power (CHP). They will also devise installation procedure/guidance notes for future CHP providers of FCL services.

Impact Research

Impact Research is a leading marketing and research organisation with extensive experience in customer engagement activities in the UK utilities industry. The company has successfully delivered research for a number of Low Carbon Network Fund projects.

Role on project

Impact will provide customer engagement and survey activities. Throughout the project the Impact team will produce reports on customer experience of Respond and provide learning and dissemination support.


Kelvatek is the UK leader in low voltage (LV) switching, automation and fault management technology. The Kelvatek team has an exceptional record of bringing innovative product solutions to the power industry through a robust research and development pipeline, combined with unique LV high current test facilities.

Role on project

Kelvatek will supply monitoring equipment for asset health evaluation for the Respond project.


WSP is a technical consultancy organisation with experience is all aspects of power generation, transmission and distribution.

Role on project

WSP will deliver revised protection settings, validation of Fault Level Assessment Tool software, post-fault analysis for Respond techniques and system design and protection policy updates. They will also create business as usual rollout requirements for ourselves and other network operators across Great Britain.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a European multinational corporation specialising in electricity distribution and automation management.

Role on project

Schneider’s role on the Respond project is to supply, install, test and commission the Fault Level Assessment Tool. They will also provide ongoing support for the Fault Level Assessment Tool during the project.

United Utilities

United Utilities is the water and wastewater service company for the North West of England. They operate large electrical machines (that increase the fault current on the network) to deliver their services.

Role on project

United Utilities will help develop the customer survey to establish interest in FCL services. They will also work with PB Power and ourselves to retrofit Adaptive Protection for electrical machines on two motors and devise installation procedure/guidance notes for future FCL service providers.