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Meet the team

Meet the team

Headshot of Steve Cox

Steve Cox

Engineering & technical director

Headshot of Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Innovation manager

Headshot of Kieran Bailey

Kieran Bailey

Innovation engineer

Headshot of Damien Coyle

Damien Coyle

Innovation technical engineer

Headshot of Lucy Eyquem

Lucy Eyquem

Innovation PMO manager

Headshot of Jayne Ferguson

Jayne Ferguson

Innovation programme administrator

Headshot of Andy Howard

Andy Howard

CLASS programme manager

Headshot of Ben Ingham

Ben Ingham

Innovation engineer

Headshot of Tracey Kennelly

Tracey Kennelly

Innovation customer delivery lead

Headshot of Tom Law

Tom Law

Discretionary funding manager

Headshot of Paul Marshall

Paul Marshall

Innovation project manager

Headshot of Dr Geraldine Paterson

Dr Geraldine Paterson

Innovation strategy & transition engineer

Headshot of Elizabeth Pattison

Elizabeth Pattison

CLASS installation planner

Headshot of Kate Quigley

Kate Quigley

Innovation customer delivery manager

Headshot of Lauren Scallon

Lauren Scallon

Innovation project developer

Headshot of Dr Rita Shaw

Dr Rita Shaw

Model development lead

Headshot of Steve Stott

Steve Stott

Innovation engineer