What is Capacity to Customers?

What is Capacity to Customers?

The ground-breaking Capacity to Customers project combined proven technology with innovative commercial contracts to lower demand for electricity.

The £10 million Capacity to Customers (C2C) trial tested the willingness of our existing customers to reduce their demand following a fault in exchange for payments. 

The project successfully proved that our industrial and commercial customers are willing to sign up to this kind of demand side response contract which rewards customers for being flexible with their demand for electricity and which can help us manage the network by releasing capacity where and when we need it.

C2C has now been successfully integrated into our business as usual processes, known as ‘managed connections’; from 1 July 2016 all generators above 200kW applying for a new connection with us are offered a managed connection.

C2C is the first of our larger innovation projects to start transforming how we offer new services and value to our customers.

Over the next few years we expect to see many similar changes as our projects progress from areas of research to become business as usual.

Find out more about what we learned in the project in our closedown report and key documents.