Less than half of the customers we surveyed think gyms are working hard enough to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon emissions. Most believe that gyms need to place more importance on taking action to reduce emissions over the next five years.

We asked our customers what they would like gyms to do to reduce their emissions and if they would be prepared to pay more for their membership. They told us they would be happy to pay around £2 more on a monthly membership if the gym was taking action to reduce its emissions and using its website to tell customers about the measures it was taking.

Below we have listed the actions that customers would like gyms to carry out now and in the future.

What customers would like gyms to do now

  • Promote walking and cycling to the gym
  • Install LED lighting
  • Turn down heating and air-conditioning
  • Install electric vehicle charge points and cycle racks to encourage sustainable travel
  • Introduce green gym memberships which are cheaper at certain times of the day
  • Power down equipment as much as possible
  • Put showers on a timer.

What customers would like gyms to do in future

  • Connect power to gym equipment so it is self-generated
  • Offset carbon emissions with tree planting schemes
  • Use efficient, eco-friendly appliances
  • Install motion sensor lighting.

LED lighting to save over 100 tonnes of CO2

Electricity North West has a range of lighting systems that vary in age and efficiency at its eight non-operational sites with lighting accounting for between 20-50% of the overall energy use at each site.

We have therefore chosen to install LED lighting at all of these sites to reduce energy consumption and costs. Investment costs will be reduced by economies of scale. It is anticipated that the investment of £360,000 will be paid back in just over five years and will save 107.62 tonnes CO2e every year. Find out more.

To find out more about cutting energy bills for your gym, take a look at the information below.


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