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Energy efficiency for business

Energy efficiency for business

Going net zero is as much about improving energy efficiency as it is about generating your own energy. By making a few simple changes such as fitting LED lighting and improving insulation, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills.

In this part of the website, we suggest ways you could make your workplace more energy efficient. For energy saving advice for your home please click here.

The first step to take to reduce your energy bills is to get to know your energy use. Once you understand this, you can start to reduce the amount of energy you use and make your workplace as energy efficient as possible, making it easier to go further on your net zero journey.

Monitoring and understanding energy use may be as simple as looking at the annual energy usage on your bill or installing a smart meter. You could also take steps to implement additional measurement techniques such as advanced metering to understand more about the specific energy consumption of your workplace. Once you understand your energy use, you can start to manage it.

You can also enlist the help of your employees. An effective employee engagement campaign and training, such as carbon literacy, could change the behaviour of your workforce and further help reduce your energy costs.

Take a look at the ways you can make your workplace more energy efficient below, many of which are eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowance, allowing you to write off the costs against taxable profits.

Appliances and equipment

By managing your appliances carefully you can significantly reduce your energy bills.

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You can cut your lighting bill and energy use by changing which bulbs you use and how you use them.

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Heating, ventilation and cooling

One of the best ways to reduce energy demand is by making improvements to the fabric of your workplace building.

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To meet net zero carbon targets it is essential that emissions from travel to and for work are decarbonised. Businesses can play a key role in supporting this.

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Case study

Find out how we have saved over 100 tonnes of CO2 every year by changing to LED lights.

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