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LED lighting

LED lighting

LED lighting to save over 100 tonnes of CO2.

Electricity North West has a range of lighting systems that vary in age and efficiency across our non-operational sites. This presents a great opportunity for us to install LED lighting across our offices and depots which will greatly reduce energy consumption and costs. Lighting on our properties typically accounts for 20-50% of the overall energy usage at each site.

We have therefore chosen to install LED lighting at all of these sites.

LED lights use much less energy than standard halogen light bulbs and benefit from a life span of up to 80,000 hours which reduces maintenance costs and from a safety perspective will reduce the amount of time engineers are required to work at height.

The following table provides details for each site including the benefits in reduced energy consumption, associated costs and carbon reduction and estimated pay back for the LED replacement project.

Investment costs will be reduced by economies of scale. It is anticipated that the investment of £360,000 will be paid back in just over five years and will save 107.62 tonnes CO2e every year.

For more details, please download our factsheet.


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