Electric vehicle charge points

Electric vehicle charge points

Electricity North West makes electric vehicle charge points accessible for all employees.

To support and encourage colleagues to make the change to electric vehicles (EVs), we are investing in charging infrastructure and incentivising colleagues to adopt EVs.

98 new EV charge points will be installed at our sites for company and private vehicle use to add to the 15 we already have in place, at a cost of around £140,000. This includes 28 fast chargers (7/11kW) and 71 slow chargers (3kW/13amp sockets). Six sites have been completed so far.

Research suggests that the charging behaviour of current EV users is to charge their EV for three hours every two days. Therefore most of the chargers we will install are slow (suitably designed and rated outdoor 13amp sockets) which will meet the charging needs of the majority of our colleagues.

We’ll also be working with the landlords of the sites we lease from third parties to make EV charging available there.

Going forward we will continue to review our charging needs as the numbers of company and private EVs at our sites increase.

For more details, please download our factsheet.


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