Carbon literacy

Carbon literacy accreditation

Electricity North West became the world’s first ‘carbon literate’ power network operator after receiving a bronze accreditation from The Carbon Literacy Project in March 2019.

Carbon literacy is vital climate change learning that catalyses action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Today more than 15,000 individuals and 40 organisations in the UK are carbon literate.

Our carbon literature bronze award was presented to our chief executive officer Peter Emery at the Greater Manchester Green Summit in March 2019. It recognises our increased commitment to acting on climate change, supporting colleagues to take action and share knowledge and best practice around carbon literacy within the sector and region.

As part of our work to promote carbon literacy, we have developed a training programme for colleagues which is an essential part of raising awareness and helping us to achieve our plan to lead the North West to net zero carbon.

The training will help motivate our colleagues to reduce carbon emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis and will help our business achieve silver accreditation.

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