Climate adaptation

Climate adaptation

Find out how we adapt our network to the effects of climate change.

The Climate Change Act of 2008 saw government establish the Climate Adaptation Reporting Requirement. This requires Reporting Authorities to provide an assessment of the impact that the changing climate will have on their businesses and the actions that were being taken to mitigate those risks. These reports feed into the national Climate Change Risk Assessment.

Electricity North West were asked to be a Reporting Authority for the first round of reports, which we submitted in 2011, and volunteered to continue to report for the second round in 2015 and the third round which was submitted in December 2021.

Our 2021 report comes in three sections:

  • A covering letter from our Regulation and Communications Director, Paul Bircham
  • Our report giving an overview of our activity in the North West of England
  • A detailed report fom an Energy Networks Association (ENA) working group forms an annex to our report. To develop this annex we have worked with colleagues from Gas and Electricity companies to understand the risks that energy networks will face as the climate changes and how these have progressed since the first two rounds of reporting.

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