ENWL022 - Reflect

ENWL022 - Reflect

The required network planning to facilitate electric vehicle (EV) charging depends not only on the future volumes of private and commercial EVs, but also on the location and capacity of the charging adopted. Although planned developments to electrify bus fleets and taxis provide some certainty on where ultra fast chargers (ie, >20kW up to 450kW) could be connected in the future, it is still uncertain where other ultra fast chargers will appear and how much EV charging will take place via slow and fast charging.

Understanding these uncertainties at a regional level is critical for distribution network operators (DNOs) to quantify associated costs and risks in different network planning options.

The Reflect project will produce prototype tools and methodologies that can be used by DNOs to improve the electricity demand forecasting for EV charging by reflecting the regional uncertainties around slow and ultra fast EV charging.

Timescales: March 2019 - March 2021.

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