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Request for Proposal October 2019

Request for Proposal October 2019

This request for proposal is for Flexible Services in Bolton by Bowland, Coniston and Easton.

Please note that the deadline for proposals to be submitted was 12 noon on Friday 13th December.

This Request for Proposal (RfP) is seeking a ‘restore’ response for three areas:

  • Bolton by Bowland
  • Coniston 
  • Easton

You can find out more information including the times and sizes of requirements by downloading the requirement document below. 

Unfortunately the bids received for this requirement did not demonstrate efficient investment of our customer's money. We will continue to review the requirements at these sites.

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Service Type When to act Network location Feeding post codes Capacity required (kVA) Certainty of utilisation Risk to network assets Delivery start date Availability window Estimated availability rate Estimated utilisation rate
Months Days Times
RESTORE Post-fault Bolton by Bowland LA2 8, BB7 4, BD23 4, BB7 3





Oct-Mar All week All day Up to 4370hrs pa Up to 40 hrs pa
RESTORE Post-fault Coniston LA12 8, LA20 6, LA21 8, LA22 0 350 Low High Apr-20 All year All week All day Up to 8760 hrs pa Up to 40 hrs pa
RESTORE Post-fault Easton CA6 6, CA6 5 100 Low High Nov-20 Nov-Mar All week 07:00 - 20:30 Up to 2040 hrs pa Up to 40 hrs pa