Pre-qualification questionnaire

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

This pre-qualification questionnaire is to be completed by flexibility providers who wish to participate in our current tender.  Our tenders are procured via the PicloFlex platform. For any assistance in using the platform please contact


To participate in this tender you must firstly:

  1. Have registered an asset (or aggregated portfolio) on the PicloFlex platform which is situated within one of Electricity North West’s competition areas.
  2. Have successfully applied to Electricity North West’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) on the Piclo Flex platform.

Once the above two steps have been completed, you will enter the pre-qualification process. The information submitted to Piclo via the DPS application and asset details upload will be considered when pre-qualifying assets to participate in this tender. However, we require further information from flexibility providers to ensure we’re making the best decisions for our customers.  The additional information required relates to the technical details of the site and the capability for delivery.


Please complete this questionnaire by the tender pre-qualification deadline as stated on our latest requirements page. We may contact you for further information.  


Once you have completed this questionnaire, you will need to confirm your participation in this competition on Piclo (this is a new process- see here for more information).


The results of the pre-qualification will be communicated via the PicloFlex platform- bidding opens to successful participants two weeks after the pre-qualification deadline.


Technical questions

We'e open to all technology types that can meet our requirements. Service providers may represent any existing or new industry sectors and any type of response mechanisms.

Is this site already connected to the ENWL network and is the asset currently capable of offering this service?
If not, does this site have an accepted offer for connection to the ENWL network?

If not already connected to the network, or are recruiting an aggregated portfolio: 

Delivery questions

Are you able to monitor that, upon request, a net reduction in the load or an increase in the export, is seen by the distribution network?
Are you able to act (provide a response) reliably and consistently, in both magnitude and duration, throughout the performance window?
Are you able to deliver the service during the entire availability window?
Is this site contracted to provide any other services?
Can you respond to API, text or email instruction?