Data Portal

Data portal

The way electricity is made, used and stored is undergoing a huge transformation and we are leading in innovation for now and the future, it is Electricity North West's ambition to provide customers with all the information they require to make educated and informed decisions on how they interact with our network.

The Data Portal allows us to group our data offerings into clear and identifiable categories, making it easier for you to locate the information or dataset you require, whilst also making it easier to find any other information you may be unfamiliar with across all facets of our network

This is just the beginning, we will continually evaluate and expand upon to the information we make available to you within this Data portal, continually adding new data and increasing its value to you, our customers. With links to further information or downloadable data on areas such as Low Carbon Technology, Network & Operational Data, Forecasting and Heatmaps, it is our aim to furnish you with all the information you may require.

Network data

Datasets and information ranging from viewing our spatial data via our Network Asset Viewer to reading about our our Long Term Development statement

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Forecasting data

Going forwards, How will the network change? Familiarise yourself with our Flexibility Services and DFES reports or study our Embedded Capacity Register

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Low carbon technology and generation

Information on our Low Carbon and Generation initiatives, ranging from Heat Pumps & Battery Storage to Electric Vehicles and where to charge them

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Operational data

Keep up to date with operational information on our network

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Heat maps

Data visualisations detailing available capacity on our network

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Smart meters

As demand for electricity increases in the low carbon future, smart meters will become a vital part of how the electricity network is managed by supporting the development of a wide range of new technologies and services.

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Data catalogue

Full metadata on the datasets available within the Portal, detailing information on publishing dates, granularity and update frequency

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