Community energy case studies

Community and local energy case studies

A series of case studies highlighting community and local energy projects supported by Electricity North West from across the region.

Powering our Communities Fund winners 2021-2022

We are pleased to announce the successful applications to this year’s Powering our Communities Fund:

Farming Futures – Agrivoltaics, Cumbria Farmer Network and Cumbria Action for Sustainability

This project will investigate demand for, and viability of, on-farm renewables in Fellfoot and unlock barriers to implementation. It will build on the Fellfoot Forward Whole Farm Carbon Pilot which calculates baseline farm greenhouse gases and highlight areas where emissions can be reduced.

Accelerating Community Solar, Cumbria Action for Sustainability

This project will extend the CAfS community solar projects to new communities across Cumbria, focusing on Keswick, the Duddon Valley and one other community, to increase the amount of community-owned solar power across Cumbria.

Greening our Mill, Leigh Building Preservation Trust

The project will establish costed options on the use of renewable energy and energy conservation for this historic mill complex in Leigh in Greater Manchester. It will include working with the local community and providing a case study for how to reduce the carbon footprint of a large historic building.

Solar for Salford, Salford Diocesan Trust

This project will complete a feasibility study that will investigate a framework for engagement, governance and legal agreements to facilitate investment in solar energy across Salford Diocese which includes a portfolio of around 1,100 buildings. This will produce a replicable tool that can be used across all faiths.

Middleton Community Power, Middleton Co-operating

The objective of this project is to initially establish a local solar PV co-operative in Middleton and identify opportunities for the deployment of community-owned solar PV projects on land and buildings in the town. It is designed to build capacity and to develop knowledge and skills for the delivery of community-owned energy.

Energise Sholver, Carbon Coop

Working with Carbon Coop Sholver residents have created a Sholver Energy Action Plan to pilot a renewable energy project and engage younger generations in Sholver’s energy transition plans.

Powering our Communities Fund case studies 2020-2021

Acclimatise Whaley solar panel club

This project will set up a buyers’ club in Whaley Bridge to encourage the uptake of solar panels in the local community.

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Solar lighting for community shelters

This project will deliver solar-powered lighting to three community shelters and other key locations in the village of Ainstable, north Cumbria.

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Heat pump ready

This project will help community energy groups support their members to adopt electric heat pumps by developing an online heat pump tool and training on how to use it.

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Energy Local Broughton-in-Furness

This project will bring together local customers in a co-operative to buy renewable electricity from a local hydro plant at a cheaper price, helping to lower energy bills and support the local economy.

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Green Rose energy ambassadors

This project will recruit, train and support community-based volunteers to become energy ambassadors in their local community and help people to reduce their energy bills and stay warm and well.

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Journey to the summit

Through a series of webinars and a green summit, this project will bring together experts and decision-makers with hundreds of young people, to educate and inspire them on environmental issues.

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Lune Valley electric vehicle charging study

This project will develop a feasibility study for installing innovative communal electric vehicle charge points for a new social housing development, powered by local renewable energy.

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Empowering our Communities Fund case studies 2019-2020

Power in the City

The Power in the City project will produce three podcasts to engage listeners on energy issues and inspire them to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Community Energy Start-up

This project will explore the potential for implementing solar power and help local communities to better understand and map their carbon footprints.

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Community Centre Energy Reduction Action

This project will complete a 12-year refurbishment of a Cumbrian community centre with the purchase of a new smart LED lighting system.

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Energy Savers

A community energy group is planning to expand the reach of its solar panel schemes installed in local schools, by offering energy efficiency advice to pupils and parents.

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Zero Carbon Electric Homes

This project will examine the feasibility of powering homes in the North Lancashire village of Halton-with-Aughton from 100% community-owned, renewable energy schemes.

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POSH Bites

The POSH Bites project will give young people from across the North West the chance to make eco-friendly films and spread the word about energy efficiency.

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Powering our Communities Fund case studies 2018-2019

Cold to Cosy Alston

Led by Alston Moor Community Energy, this project will provide a wide range of energy efficiency and domestic energy improvements, to help address fuel poverty and support vulnerable customers.

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Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors project gave the boys and girls of Burnley Boys and Girls Club the knowledge and skills to reduce their own carbon footprint and to become eco warriors in their community.

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Warm Homes for All

A new user-led approach has delivered energy efficiency measures to households, particularly those in fuel poverty, developed in partnership with Carbon Co-op, the local authority, the community and local suppliers.

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Cut Fuel, Save Money

Bi-lingual energy efficiency advice and tools has helped to reduce fuel poverty for the Kashmiri community in Rochdale.

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Community-owned energy supply

A business case has been developed for community-owned energy assets to supply a new housing development in Burneside, Cumbria for the benefit of the whole village.

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Electronic displays for solar generation

Oldham Community Power have installed electronic displays at four schools with community-owned solar panels which show the children how they work and engage them on energy issues.

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Powering our Communities Fund

Find out more about our funding which supports community energy projects across the region.

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