Rising Lateral Mains (RLM)

Rising Lateral Mains

Rising and Lateral Mains (RLM) is the name we give to the electrical distribution system in a multi-occupancy buildings such as flats. Electricity rises through the building on mains cables and laterally through service cables to individual properties to provide them with power. We’re responsible for providing you with a safe supply of electricity up to our cut-out, a piece of equipment that connects your electricity meter to our system.

We’re inspecting buildings with Rising and Lateral Mains to assess their condition and to carry out any maintenance and refurbishment work necessary. The work will also allow us to clarify with the owners of the buildings what they are responsible for, in terms of ownership and maintenance.

The work we are undertaking will ensure that we continue to supply a safe and reliable supply of electricity now and in the future.

Learn more about the different elements of the work with our frequently asked questions below. You can also contact us directly if you want to discuss anything with us by emailing rlm@enwl.co.uk