Managed connections

Managed connections

We offer constrained or flexible connection offers as standard, which means you could benefit from avoiding reinforcement costs and associated timescales for traditional network reinforcement.

Our non-constrained offers can be more expensive because they are more likely to need extra assets to be installed (i.e. network reinforcement) to support the new connection and allow your generator to export unconditionally. They can also have longer lead times based on the time it takes to reinforce the network prior to your connection. 

If you accept our constrained connection offer, your generator can export up to the limit we agree with you under certain conditions, i.e. when the network is operating ‘normally’. However, if there is a fault on the network (usually referred to as a 'system abnormal condition') then we will constrain the export from your generator. The conditions of the constrained and level of constraint are set out in your offer letter.

Conditions of a managed connection:

  • transformer reverse power
  • N-1 (fault) constraints
  • voltage constraints
  • thermal constraints.

To progress with a constrained connection offer, you will need to make sure you are able to switch off export, to allow us to continue supplying electricity in the event of a fault on our network. Typically control will be provided via a circuit breaker, which we can control and trip when there is a fault condition on the network. Your generator will remain off until either the network returns to 'normal' or our control engineers deem it appropriate to switch your generator back on during the fault.

Curtailment Information

Read more about our curtailment index and 'cap' which we've introduced in our quotations to help clarify how much curtailment you might experience with a managed connection, to support your investment decision making.

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