Indicative costs

How much could my connection cost?

New connection costs

 Application type Prices starting from    (inc. VAT) Average price (inc. VAT) Guaranteed standard (to receive quote) Average time to connect from payment (if you are ready for the work)

 1 new domestic connection

 (up to 60kVA)

 £1,300  £1,790  5 working days  6 weeks

 2-4 domestic connections


 £2,600  £5,370  15 working days  7 weeks

Service alteration costs

 Application type  Prices starting from
(Inc. VAT)
 Average price
(Inc. VAT)
 Guaranteed standard
(to receive quote)
 Average time to connect, from payment
(if you are ready for the work)


 Domestic service alteration


 £880  £1,200  5 working days  5 weeks


 Domestic service alteration


 £700  £1,050  5 working days  4 weeks

These prices are indicative costs based on standard connections; the timescales are from receipt of a complete application and from quote payment (if ready on site). The above details give a general illustration of connection cost and time to connect and should not be relied upon to assess the terms of connections for specific premises.

There are many factors that can add to the cost of work and time taken to be carried out. These include but are not limited to: excavations, council permits, traffic management, distance of network from the property. The above costs also assume standard connections; if your connection requirements are non–standard there may be additional costs.

Please be aware that during periods of high workload the times indicated may vary.Our price is not all inclusive of the whole connection.

How is your quote broken down?


Description of costs:

  • 15% Local Authority Permit: a permit charge levied by the Local Authority under their Road Activities Scheme to allow the schedule and monitor of our works.
  • 20% Cabling: cut-out and the provision of all cabling, supply and installation of a meter board with cut-out and the preparation and termination of new supply cable to cut-out.
  • 40% Digging work: excavation, replacement of ground materials and reinstatement including:
    • Joint hole: A joint hole (1000mm long and 800mm wide) is required to allow the new connection to be made to your local mains distributor. The depth will need adequate clearance below our cable to allow the main to be prepared for the new connection. Following the connection to the mains, the joint hole will be reinstated to Local Authority standard.
    • Service cable joint to main: the mains cable will require careful preparation under live cable jointing procedures by our skilled cable jointer to required dimensions. When the new connection is made to the live mains cable, the cable joint will need to be completed to our specification and time allowed for the joint to cure, before the joint hole is reinstated.
  • 25% preparing the live electricity cable: The new connection will be tested by our jointer to ensure the voltage of the supply is correct and can be used safely by our customer.