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LTDS contacts

Long Term Development Statement (LTDS) contacts

Please see below for contact details to access other detailed information including:

  • detailed information other than that provided in the statement
  • information about new or existing connections to the electricity distribution system
  • how to obtain Electricity North West documentation.

Access to the detailed information section

To obtain a username and password to allow you to access the detailed information section, please register for our secure area.

Alternatively you can write to us, quoting 'Electricity LTDS':

LTDS Co-Ordinator
Electricity North West
Frederick Road
M6 6QH

Please also note that applicant details will be checked and that applicants will need to accept copyright conditions.

Other detailed information

To obtain detailed information as described in the costs section please write to:

Electricity North West
Energy Solutions
Frederick Road
Salford M6 6QH

New or existing connections to the electricity distribution network

If you have a specific enquiry relating to a new or existing connection to the network please contact:

Electricity North West
Energy Solutions
Frederick Road
Salford M6 6QH


We have a library of documentation consisting of:

  • Electricity Policy Documents (EPD)
  • Codes of Practice (CoP)
  • Engineering Specifications (ES).

All documentation is produced and released in accordance with Electricity North West's EPD001 and CP001.

Third parties wishing to obtain copies of any of the documents referred to in the policies and technical references section will be required to comply with EPD001 and CP001 and to sign a licence agreement.

To apply for any documents please email or write to:

The Librarian
Policy and Standards
Hartington Road

Form of the Long Term Development Statement

The form of the Statement is prescribed by a direction from Ofgem.

Ofgem and the Distribution Code Review Panel of Great Britain (DCRP) have agreed that the DCRP is the body best placed to advise Ofgem if there are any changes needed to the form and content of Ofgem's direction. 

Accordingly any comments on the overall scope and content should be sent to the Statement co-ordinator who administers the content of the Long Term Development Statement and/or DCRP representative.

For further details, please contact