Long Term Development Statement (LTDS)

There is no charge for access to our Long Term Development Statement; however there may be costs for providing additional detailed information.

If you would like to view information in the secure area, you will need a username and password. To request a login, please visit our secure area page.

Additional information

Other detailed information can be provided for specific parts of the network on request and may have associated charges.

To apply for additional information, visit the LTDS contacts page- other detailed information section. 

Examples of the information that can be provided include:

Network Data:

  • circuit complex impedance (including zero sequence) and rating
  • circuit susceptance data for voltages other than 132kV
  • feeder load data (Amps)
  • group load data (MW and MVAr)
  • equivalent short circuit impedance at a busbar
  • firm capacity of a substation.

Plant Data:

  • circuit breaker fault level ratings
  • transformer impedance, rating and tap range (including earthing details and hot site identification)
  • transformer zero sequence reactance data.

Fault level studies (including limitation on fault level):

  • 11kV Fault level study (RMS break currents decremented to expected protection operation time)
  • 33kV Fault level study
  • 132kV Fault level study
  • indicative cost of work to reduce the limitation on fault level.

There may be a charge for the provision of additional detailed information. Indicative costs are available from the charging information page.


Please allow six to eight weeks from the date of receipt of payment before receiving other detailed information.

Please also note the charges in the above statement for system and fault level studies only include an initial study.

If you would like further studies following the initial study, this will incur the same charge again.