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DFES consultation

DFES consultation

We are inviting our stakeholders to comment on the inputs we use for our Distribution future electricity scenarios (DFES).

Our annual DFES document details our view of the North West’s future electricity requirements. It includes a range of scenarios which show how different influences can change demand and generation on our network.

We have been working with other network operators to standardise the way in which forecasts are created and presented. We are committed to this collaboration, but we also want to go one step further and gather your opinions on the information and inputs we use to create our forecasts. This is outlined in the ‘Inputs to 2020 DFES consultation’ document below which describes how we use the data and information we receive.

We are inviting our customers and wider stakeholders to review and comment on this document to ensure we have a good understanding of your expectations.

The consultation opens on Monday 6 July 2020 and closes on Friday 7 August 2020 at 6.00pm.

Please provide your response to the consultation by completing our online survey.

If you have any other comments or questions, please contact Simon Brooke at

Consultation document

Purpose of our consultation documents

The 'Inputs to 2020 DFES' consultation is part of a suite of current documents which explain how we are preparing our network for the net zero carbon future. We are also inviting feedback from stakeholders on:

  • Our draft DSO strategy, Analysis of DSO functions document and draft Grid digitalisation & data strategy. Consultation on these DSO documents runs from 6 July – 9 September 2020
  • Three ‘decarbonisation pathways’ for Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria, energy blueprints developed with Cadent, the region’s main gas network operator.