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Meet the team

Meet the team

Headshot of Mark Williamson

Mark Williamson

Energy solutions director

Headshot of Martin Edmundson

Martin Edmundson

Head of business connections

Headshot of Steffan Jones

Steffan Jones

Head of infrastructure solutions

Headshot of John Carlisle

John Carlisle

Infrastructure solutions programme manager

Headshot of Victoria Brown

Victoria Brown

Grid and primary programme manager

Headshot of Adrian Devine

Adrian Devine

Asset diversions manager

Headshot of Matthew Savka

Matthew Savka

Connections delivery manager

Headshot of Tracey Taylor

Tracey Taylor

Connections delivery manager

Headshot of Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor

Connections delivery manager

Headshot of Peter Barlow

Peter Barlow

Business development manager

Headshot of Graham Dent

Graham Dent

Customer relationship manager

Headshot of Jonathan Cropper

Jonathan Cropper

Connections contract manager