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Community and local energy

Community and local energy

We want to work with community and local energy groups to develop a smart, flexible network for the benefit of all our customers.

To us community energy means community-led projects or initiatives to reduce, manage, generate or purchase energy.  Community energy projects focus on engagement and benefits to their local area and communities. 

Local energy encompasses community energy projects and also includes activities by a wider set of local partners such as local authorities, housing associations, intermediary or advisory organisations and local businesses.  Local energy projects may have a commercial aspect to their delivery but are also likely to benefit their local area and community. 

Community and local energy is a small but growing sector; in our region we are aware of a number of community energy groups who deliver projects to reduce, manage, generate or purchase energy.

We have a number of roles to play in the development of community and local energy projects including new connections, accommodating new generation and innovating for the changes that are taking place. 

To ensure we are delivering the correct services to our customers we have been undertaking a stakeholder engagement process which has included community and local energy engagement events, a series of interviews and an online consulation process, all of which is informing the development of a community and local energy strategy which will be available soon.  In the meantime if you want to get in touch or keep up to date sign up to our newsletter below.

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