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Remuneration committee

Remuneration committee

The purpose of the Remuneration Committee is to consider, agree and recommend to the Board an overall remuneration policy for the company that is aligned with its long term strategic objectives, its risk appetite, values and the long term interests of ENWL. 

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Committee ensures that:

  • No director is involved in setting their own remuneration;
  • Remuneration packages are established that will retain, attract and motivate directors and consider how these elements are balanced and aligned to the company’s strategic objectives;
  • Consideration is given to the measures that are used to assess the performance of individual directors; and
  • Consideration is given to disclosures in the remuneration report in the company’s annual report and accounts.


  • Niall Mills (Chair)
  • Mike Nagle
  • John Lynch
  • Hamish Lea-Wilson
  • John Roberts

The Chief Executive Officer, Peter Emery, attends Committee meetings, except when his remuneration is being discussed.

The Company Secretary, Richard Somerville, is secretary to the Committee.

remuneration-committee-terms-of-reference-2017.pdf Download remuneration-committee-terms-of-reference-2017.pdf