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Public affairs

Public affairs

The UK is committed to delivering ambitious targets for reductions in carbon emissions and the importance of these targets has created local, regional, national and international momentum and innovation to meet and exceed these targets. New technology is also changing the way that companies, communities and customers generate, distribute and consumer energy.

With these changes it is inevitable that there will be greater Government interest in our sector. It is therefore important we proactively engage with not only local government representatives i.e. MPs and Chief Executives of Local Authorities but also key Government Departments such as Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.  This will allow us to influence Government thinking to ensure any future policy meets the demands and priorities of all our customers.  Through building these relationships we can also gain insight into how our innovation strategy should develop.

Also by proactively engaging with local Members of Parliament and Government Departments we can gain their support and endorsement for some of our key projects and services such as Innovation and Priority Services Register.

Within our operating region we have 54 local Members of Parliament. In 2016/17 we have met with 32 MPs either visiting them in London or at their local constituency office. 

We also regularly review the political environment to ensure we are always up to date with current Government thinking.

We are looking to extend our public affairs engagement to meet with chief executives of local authorities that we operate within to further develop our understanding of local issues and how we contribute to them.