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New possibilities

New possibilities

Your future electricity network is beginning to take shape and new possibilities are being discovered. Learn more about the ways we're using your feedback to shape these possibilities.

We want to be as open and inclusive as possible which is why we have developed a wide range of opportunities for customers to take part in our feedback programme. These opportunities enable customers to choose between short, topic led engagement and longer in-depth conversations, and everything in between! More recently we have enabled customers to socially distance by conducting more of our research online, whilst also offering telephone appointments to hear from those without access to the internet.

So far we’ve held 23 focus groups with 281 participants, 3613 people have completed surveys, 280 people have taken part in our advisory and customer panels in-person and digitally and over 800 members in our online community, with 200 sign ups in the past two months. 

Our community is open to all customers in the North West and includes a diverse group of people from a range of backgrounds, cultures, regions in the North West and who are of different gender, age, and have diverse beliefs and lifestyles. The online community speak freely about their views on our business performance, priorities and ideas and are having significant input into our plans. The community is incentivised to take part in polls, discussions, surveys and respond to questions posed by our independent facilitators, but they equally ask questions back, which we respond to personally. Members are logging in frequently and reporting that they are enjoying learning something new, interacting with people from all different walks of life and appreciating having their views heard. We are still looking for more members – if you would like to join in the conversation please register here.

We're continuing to carryout research and invite you to get involved and have your say through our online community or as part of our focus groups and surveys, which you can sign up to below:

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You can take part in our research and help to shape the future of the electricity network.

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What has surprised our customers so far?

Many of the people we have heard from so far have not been previously aware of our company or the role we play in the electricity sector, experienced a power cut recently, nor had reason to ever contact us. We ask participants taking part in our research what, if anything, has surprised them.

Comments from customers taking part in our programme:

• “How little I knew about the role of Electricity North West
• “The level of involvement the company has in managing the network
• “How interesting it can be talking about power supplies”
• “How little Electricity North West receive from my bill charges
• “How much Electricity North West is involved in helping the environment
• “I had no idea about the Net Zero 2050 target
• “I was surprised that net zero appears to have cost implications for the customer”
• “The existence of electric diggers!”
• “The amount of support available for vulnerable customers”.

Our partners

We're working with a number of key research agencies to deliver our engagement programme. Explain, Accent and Involve all play a crucial role in ensuring we provide a variety of engagement methods to ensure a fair representation of customer feedback.