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Customer research

Customer research

Discover what our customers have already told us about their priorities for the future.

An ambitious programme of ongoing customer research has helped us to identify some key priorities for our customers and wider stakeholders in the North West.

Customers have told us that our focus should be on keeping our customers’ lives running by providing reliable and uninterrupted electricity supplies and minimising disruption caused by power cuts. Whilst Covid-19 has currently increased concerns over the affordability of energy bills, our research shows that delivering a reliable network remains customers’ top priority.

“Nothing has changed, in fact the present situation has strengthened my opinion that a reliable network should be the top priority. Power cuts in lockdown cause even more stress and suffering for people, especially vulnerable people” (online community member).

There are also active debates in the region about other priorities, including the impact of climate change which is influencing a clear preference for proactively reducing the vulnerability of networks to storms, particularly in rural areas and the North West collectively acting to achieve the UK’s legally binding target to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

It is also clear that customers want us to continue supporting vulnerable customers, particularly during a power cut and ensure we are keeping customers’ bills as low as possible, without compromising on standards or safety. 

Our customers' priorities:

Delivering a reliable electricity network

Making sure our network keeps customers’ lives running by minimising power cuts.

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Meeting our customers' needs

Making sure that we provide a personalised service to customers that meets their needs

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Supporting vulnerable customers

Providing additional support to those who most need it, when they need it.

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Building a resilient electricity network

Strengthening our network to cope with future challenges.

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Helping the North West to net zero

Making sure our network supports customers and businesses to achieve net zero.

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Keeping customers' bills as low as possible

Ensuring we keep bills low and still delivering a quality service.

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