Our future business plan

Our future business plan

Our business planning process

We own, operate and manage the electricity network from Cumbria to Greater Manchester. Around £90 a year from a typical household electricity bill comes to us to invest in the network to make it more reliable, affordable and good for the environment.

Ofgem, the energy sector regulator, oversees and agrees what we can charge you for the services we provide and how much of your electricity bill should come to us to look after the electricity network. They decide on rules that we work to within ‘price review periods’.

The process called a price control review has started developing the rules that will set what you pay us from April 2023. The current amount you pay us for delivering electricity to your homes and businesses is 24p per day. The rules called for the next price control period (called RIIO-ED2) are being developed by Ofgem, the energy sector regulator. For further information, please see our RIIO ED2 Regulation pages.

We’re busy working with customers and stakeholders to develop our business plan for the next price review period starting in 2023. Find out more about how we’re developing our business plan, our engagement approach and how you can get involved in the conversation.

Working together with you

We are working together with our customers and stakeholders to develop our ED2 business plans. We started this proces with a blank piece of paper, and over the past two years we have engaged with more than 18,000 customers and stakeholders, creating the commitments and investments we will deliver in the future, based on priorities and preferences you give us.

In April we consulted on an early draft of our business plan for 2023-2028. If you would still like to comment, please email stakeholderengagement@enwl.co.uk.

We will continue to engage with you on our plans and invite you to join our conversations on our online community and provide vital insights and feedback to shape our plans. Join our community here. 

To find out more about our past consultations and next steps, click here.


November 2019 to February 2020

A study of the realities of our customers’ day to day - what matters to them, who they are, issues and priorities.

March to May 2020

Sharing and discussing the day to day impact of the changing nature of energy production supply and use. Using this to identify detailed ‘wants and needs’.

June to September 2020

Evaluating our ideas and plan to make sure they are right with a focus on understanding trade-offs, investment priorities, willingness to pay and ambition for the future.

October to January 2021

Further refinement of our plan and detailed exploration around specific issues. Checking customer acceptability of overall plan.

February to May 2021

Research stages now complete and the plan is written ready for the first draft submission.

June to December 2021

After submitting the draft plan, we will update and refine it ready for submission by December 2021.

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Regulatory information

Read the key information relating to our licence obligations, find our regulatory submissions to Ofgem and links to industry consultations and our responses.

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Our business plan

Read about what we've learned from our customers and stakeholders so far and how their feedback is driving and shaping our business plan.

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Customer engagement group

Find out more about our independent panel of experts, who review and challenge our approach to developing our plan, ensuring we deliver the best business plan for North West customers and stakeholders.

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Get involved

If you would like to be involved in shaping the future of the North West's electricity network, join our online community and give your feedback.

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